10 Reactions That Reveal a Lot About Your Dog

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Imagine how much easier our life would be if we didn’t have a language barrier with our dogs. We would not have to guess what their behavior meant and we could react faster if they needed help. But all we can do now is to watch how they stare at us when they’re pooping and wonder if they need personal space or if there’s a problem. Their behavior is the only way they have to communicate with us, and we should know what their reactions mean.

1. They stare when they’re pooping.

We think this is something that’s probably happened to all dog owners at least once in their lifetime. You’re on a walk with your doggie on a sunny day. Everything is business as usual, your furry friend is running and sniffing, while you’re also enjoying the fresh air. But suddenly it’s time to poop, and your dog won’t stop staring at you. You can’t help but wonder why they’re doing this and why they won’t even break eye contact.

Some owners believe that this is a sign that your dog wants some privacy. But the specialists have a different theory. They say that dogs feel vulnerable during defecation, since this position does not allow for an easy fight or flight response if there is danger around. So they track you to be sure that you will be there to help in case of an emergency.

2. And believe that you should do the same.

10 Reactions That Reveal a Lot About Your Dog

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This is only true for dogs. People prefer to be all alone (with the possible exception of smartphones) on the porcelain throne. And the curious or worried eyes of our dog at our feet raises plenty of questions in our heads. So let’s discover what this behavior is about.

The reasons for this can be explained by domestication. This process turned dogs into our friends, and they simply seek out our companionship most of the time, like, “If my human is there, I must be there too.” Such reactions can also mean that your dog experiences separation anxiety. And this condition makes them alert, even if we’re just behind the door.

3. They jump when they see us.

10 Reactions That Reveal a Lot About Your Dog

For some people, the jumping habit of our furry friends can be annoying or even dangerous. They can rip our clothes, injure us, or even knock us down. One may think that this is the result of poor training, but there is an opinion that jumping is more than just a bad habit. We suggest that you take a look at the world through your dog’s eyes.

Dogs usually see their friends eye to eye. And they instinctually greet each other by licking each other’s faces (this can be compared to our handshake). So when they try to communicate with people, who are so high and whose faces are hard to get to, jumping is the only way to make eye contact at our level.

4. They run and hide when we want to go for a walk.

If you’ve ever had a dog that has refused to go for a walk, then you are familiar with this problem. For ordinary people, this situation can be really confusing, because dogs are supposed to love walks. But, according to experts, some dogs might run and hide when they see a leash. And there are several reasons for this behavior.

One theory is that it could be just a fun game for your friend. But you should check to see if there are any wounds or other medical issues that might make wearing a collar painful or uncomfortable. If no problems are detected, try to remember when you usually use the leash. Your dog might think you are going to the vet or groomer — and associate the leash with these traumatic experiences.

5. They destroy everything in their way.

Nothing can compare to coming home after a long day and spending time with your loved ones. Until you open the door and struggle with an immediate desire to walk away and never return again. Why would you feel this if you were a dog owner? Well, because they can be really destructive from time to time.

Let’s find out the main reasons of this behavior. If you have a puppy you can breathe a sigh of relief. Chewing on things is common for them because they’re teething, but you need to pay attention to it or it could become a real, lasting problem in the future. The dog could also be bored or experience separation anxiety. In these cases, you have to figure out a way to stop the dog from damaging everything around.

6. They drag their butts across the floor.

Have you ever caught your dogs scooting their butts across the floor? It can be funny to watch, but be sure that they are not trying to amuse you. It’s likely that they have a pain or an itch, and you should get it checked out. If you notice swelling or redness around the anus, accompanied by a bad smell, it could be a sign of infection.

In this case, you need to bring the dog to a vet. Do not try to treat the dog by yourself, since this can lead to more serious complications.

7. They eat poop.

10 Reactions That Reveal a Lot About Your Dog

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Admit it, our canine companions have plenty of repulsive habits — from rolling in poop to drinking from the toilet. But we believe that eating poop can undoubtedly be awarded the title of “the most disgusting” habit. If there is a poop eater in your family, do not lose hope. There are methods that can help fight this problem.

Parasites, diets deficient in nutrients and calories, diabetes, and thyroid disease are possible conditions that lead to this behavior. But in some cases, it is triggered by anxiety, isolation, or a need for attention. It is better to go to the vet to find out the exact reason.

8. They do not like our friends.

10 Reactions That Reveal a Lot About Your Dog

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You are sure that your dog is the best mannered canine in a 100 mile radius. But every time your friend goes to leave, he or she finds their shoes wet or their coats torn. But why?

Scientists claim that dogs can be jealous. In other cases, they just want to protect us from suspicious people, it’s their natural instinct. Watch their reactions carefully to understand what’s going on and to correct this behavior.

9. They sigh like old men.

Imagine that you and your dog are alone. You are washing dishes or watching TV and suddenly you hear a sigh and feel all the hairs on your neck standing on end. Calm down, dogs make these noises too.

We know you wonder if this is normal. In most cases they sigh to show that they are fully relaxed. But if you notice that their deep signing repeats too often, it can be a signal that your friend is suffering from a health disorder.

10. They walk in circles before lying down.

10 Reactions That Reveal a Lot About Your Dog

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This is a question that puzzles a lot of people. Someone says that they’re somehow connected to aliens and others say that dogs build a safety wall. But specialists have unlocked this secret, and there is nothing mysterious in it.

It seems that this behavior was hard-wired by the dog’s ancestors. They did not have comfortable pillows or beds so they had to prepare their sleeping place by patting the grass and underbrush down. Walking in circles also allowed them to make a last check around and notice if there were any enemies near them. It was also their sign that this territory has already been claimed and is off limits to others.

Which of your dog’s other behaviors mystify you? Tell us about them!

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